Superbowl Squares Rules




It's almost time to sit on your butt and watch the Super Bowl! What could make it more exciting than to have a possibility of winning some money! This pool is just like the paper ones we used to have around super bowl time. On the grid sheet, you'll see a lot of question marks. As squares are reserved, the question marks will be replaced by the players name. After all squares are paid for, the numbers for the top row (NFC color Blue) and the left column (AFC color Red) will be will be chosen at RANDOM by the computer on Friday, February 2nd or when the grid is filled. Any square not paid for by Wednesday January 31st will be returned to the pool and up for grabs. Should the grids fill up quickly, an additional grid may be added.

There are two pools to enter. One has a payout each quarter (bigger prize) and the other has a payout after each score (more prizes). The rules for both are shown below. Just follow the link to the one you would like to enter or enter them both! To enter the pool, fill in your pool name (this can be anything you want, but keep it clean!) and your e-mail address. An e-mail confirming your pick will automatically be sent to you and the pool administrator. Select the square you want and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the grid. After your selection is made, you will see your name in the grid and can make another selection in the same way, except that you don't have to enter your name/e-mail again. As stated above, squares MUST be paid for by Wednesday January 31st or the square will be returned to the pool. The e-mail you are sent will contain the website address where the final pool with filled in grid/numbers will be posted and may be printed. Results will also be posted on that page after the game.

Good Luck!

Optional: Pay for your Squares with PayPal. PayPal fees of $0.30 plus 2.9% are added on if you go this route. PayPal will charge $5.15 for each pick and add the $0.30 as a "shipping charge". Multiple squares can be paid for at the same time by inputting the quantity. The $0.30 charge is only added once per order.


Rules: Each square costs $5

1st Quarter = $100
Half = $100
3rd Quarter = $100
4th Quarter = $100
Final = $100

One team will be represented at the Top and the other on the side. So if the score at the end of the 1st quarter is NFC 7, AFC 3.... the winning square is the square which intersects the NFC 7 and the AFC 3. 7 being the last number in NFC's score...3 being the last number in AFC's score. If the game is tied at the end of regulation time, the 4th quarter winner gets a $100 prize and the winner at the end of overtime gets a $100 prize. If the game is not tied, the 4th quarter winner gets a $200 prize ($100 for 4th quarter and $100 for final).

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Rules: Each square costs $5

$25 paid at each score until the final score is reached or the money is gone.

To illustrate the way this pool is played, assume AFC makes the first score and it is a touchdown for 6 points. The player with AFC 6/NFC 0 gets $25. AFC kicks the extra point and the score is now 7-0 AFC. The player with AFC 7/NFC 0 gets $25. Play continues until the money is gone or the end of the game is reached. Whatever money is left in the pool at the end of the game (if anything) goes to the player on the square which intersects the last digit of AFC's/NFC's score.

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